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  • To add to the imbalance of team issues, higher level players tend to flock to the most advantaged team (usually red) whilst the less experienced players will pick blue. This further increases the imbalance.

  • Resonant since when does it count if you win or lose you should have made that really clear but whatever youre Massive problem becomes a small one… you dont get more money from winning I dont think you get more xp from winning its not counted so whats the deal

  • first off, i barely see red win except on taiga, usually its always blue… lmao maybe im on a different time and different teams (groups of friends) play on different colors. XD

  • Splitting the player base with too many modes is a bad idea and has killed many games.
    It's going to dilute the player base on both. Frontline needs improvements but it shouldn't be separated into two different modes. The only other mode needed is Comp. Frontline just needs more balancing/refining. I like the idea of expanding frontline to more points to go inside the castle. Battle Royal mode is already struggling to find matches as it is.

  • The game is perfectly fine and balanced just fine- the only problem everyone's encountering but failing to remember is: Discord groups. Knights with radios work together way better than a group of pubs who cant voice chat. Happens far more often than you realize and makes the maps feel imbalanced, when really there's just a meta/gameplan being played out for each of these recurring groups.

  • The problems i have with the game is :

    – Being instant killed from a stab by a maul (35 damage) with Level 3 chest armour at 100 health

    – Getting killed in 2 hits (90dmg) from the heavy axe despite wearing lvl 3 chest armour at 100 health

    – Getting killed in 2 hits by the bastard sword (38 slash dmg ) despite wearing lvl 3 chest armour

    – Getting killed with a sword or maul in 1 or 2 hits wearing lvl 2 – 3 armour . Yet when i use the same weapon it takes 2 hits with a maul to a enemy with no armour at all .

    -Getting killed with 3 stabs with a wooden pitchfork (22dmg) to the head despite wearing lvl 2 head armour.

    – Spears going through enemies and not registering.

    – Striking before the enemy yet the enemy hits first despite using the same weapon and style of attack ( No acceleration )

    All these examples listed did not encounter a morph , Riposte , Active riposte , parry or other enemies around.

    The figures are of the damage per attack.

  • This would piss off a lot of casual players but here’s my solution.. Spawn the enemy team together in waves. Instead of randomly spawning people by themselves. This would encourage teams to attack together and work together. Also I agree that there should be more game modes or variations of frontline. I want more game modes that encourage team work. It just seems like frontline is a mixture of a siege mode and rush mode but doesn’t do either that well.

    I just play frontline for gold farm. And actually, frontline is more like rush from battlefield. It’s really not a mode for showcasing teamwork or skill. It’s CASUAL.

  • Interesting maps with varying terrain and objectives are harder to give symmetrical balance. So the solution is keep the maps interesting and just make the gamemode objective asymmetrical.

    I suppose the purpose of current map asymmetry is to give the defenders something to do if they are winning outright. (i.e. push out and capture the enemies territory making it harder for them to attack) If this is the current state of the map design. It would be nice if this was more clear as to who the defenders are on the map. Like always make it the blue team or have it clearly marked on the team selection screen.

  • Are we playing the same game? You've got your advantages mixed up. Blue has the advantage on grad and camp. I rarely lose on either of those maps playin as blue, but always lose when playing as red

  • I wouldn't be surprised if they change frontline into a red orchestra/rising storm campaign mode: where each battle is one of a sequence of battles to get across to the other team's castle. Could take place in different theatres of war. Its the only way Ive seen grand campaign be put into an fps. It would be a lot of work for the map makers so no time soon.

  • I think it's the "lives" that kinda ruin it. I've had quite a few games where the tables would turn and the losing team would start to push hard and push the enemy to the other side. But then the heroic team loses because they're out of lives. It's so anti climactic.
    The points are working against the game mode. It makes games so predictable that people give up, making it a self fulfilling prophecy.

  • Nope, Mordhau's main problem is the people. Give people a combat game and no real rules to follow, and they're going to take advantage of it and become the worst kinds of people to walk the planet. I've seen people who claim to be KKK members, people who have "confessed" to pedophilia, people who've threatened me and my family, people who've done nothing but spam the chat with "N*gger, n*gger, n*gger" over and over, and people who have outright bullied other players just because they think it's funny. I mean, just an hour ago, people joined the server I was in and demanded I kill myself just so the rounds would restart from 1. When I said no, they surrounded me and got my killed once the new round started.

    Bottom line, the game is alright, if not a little repetitive. The players, however, are the problem. Good job, gamers – your shitty behaviour is what's ruining gaming.

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