I remember in the first few months of BfA I was really excited to do World PvP! Why wouldn’t I be? The whole expansion was based on the idea of horde fighting alliance and vice versa. So there I was, with my human paladin running towards a horde invasion in Tiragarde Sound, all lubed up and ready to battle. First thing that struck me was, that there were very few people in this zone but eventually I found Hordes doing their world quests in that area! I saw that there were also some Alliance nearby, so putting faith into them that they would come to aid me, I jumped on the horde and started attacking like a wild beast! A few seconds into me hitting 1 of the Horde and barely dealing any damage, I realise i’m the only one trying to pvp in an area with around 15 people. Like some weird kid who wasn’t invited to a party but went anyways, I was totally ignored and surprised. So I stopped and ran away, ashamed, crying. Turns out, everyone just wants to do their dumb world quests, and only pvp if a quests requires them to. So many times have I just crossed paths with a Horde and we would just walk right past each other like we are friendly. I mean, that’s fine usually don’t get me wrong! But I don’t feel the sense of threat anymore, as I did in STV in earlier expansions. It’s complete chaos there and I can’t wait to dive in it once Classic launches.

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