New Doom Eternal E3 Trailer Analysis. Right before E3, ID Software dropped another Doom Eternal trailer, where it shows some of the location we are going to be on, the face of The Doom Slayer, and The Marauder. So lets get those Doom Eternal theories running!

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  • "a lot of games like halo, Destiny, and even Call of Duty, and any other game." I love how he thought of Call of Duty, before even mentioning the new pokemon game coming up. This and pokemon are the two I'm most hyped for.

  • A 10 min + video about a 20 second trailer. I understand people need to make money, but when a trailer is 20 seconds with literally about 4 cuts in the video, 10 minutes is not nessesary.

    -DoomSlayer himself

  • yes i HIGHLY prefer silent protagonists for one reason. If you keep certain parts of a story unresolved, it drives the mystery and fascination with the story and gameplay.

    Kinda like how in halo Bungie explicitly never really told the entire forerunner story nor revealed what they looked like to keep those questions and mysteriousness in the air before 343 essentially took that and fucked itentirely sideways to the ground where it completely ruined the mysterious orgins and mythology of them and instead gave a retarded explanation between them and humans. .

    So no the doomslayser's identity should never be revealed nor should he have a voice because it ruins the immersion and focus of the gameplay and cheapens the experience.

  • Worst show off of a game ever, you don't deserve to play it early. U lack info, skill in showing off a game, and you drag out this shit for 20 mins for under a min of new shots. Stop your click bait shit and kill yourself.

  • Mars wasn’t destroyed by a demon or tentacle 🐙 but by the BFG 10k notice the neon greens and the destruction. The mural is a showcase of all the demons we’ve seen and will fight, they just shown us the cyberdemon so that will be filled along with the marauder. The other 2 🤷🏻‍♂️ not sure, I was going to say archvile but it’s on the right along with imp too. Every demon we fight will be here.

  • slayer is better off being silent and mysterious protagonist, and even though he was silent, his actions alone showed more personality than anything. Once Doom slayer starts talking, that's it, it's over. Martin and Hugo stress out that they want the player to feel the strongest and most badass by giving slayer the biggest weapons and making him strong. But you stop feeling yourself as a slayer when you can clearly see that he grunts differently than you, his arms are different from yours, his face is different than yours. At some point you subconsciously realize that you are playing an avatar. It's not you playing anymore. You are controlling an actor, but it's not you doing the thing. There is a reason why ID software never allowed 3rd person view of doom slayer in doom 2016. You couldn't even see yourself in the mirror. His face was barely visible in his dark helmet. And here we see how he walks off the capsule upon landing on mars in 3rd person. Sorry, but fuck that. I want to see that from 1st person perspective. Also, slayer grunting makes him feel weaker, it was especially pronounced in the sample gameplay where the guy was assaulted by demons from left and right. In doom 2016, slayer took damage like a champ, even until the very last hp he fought like he felt nothing, like a true berserk. Here we hear some constant retarded grunting, which wasn't present a year ago at Quake Con, but for whatever reason ID decided to against their own idea and add the grunting to the slayer.
    That grunting sounds retarded. It is, in fact, very similar to Sarge's grunting from quake 3 and Sarge's grunting noises annoyed the fuck out of everyone during multiplayer matches. The similarity of grenade launched used by slayer and grenade launcher in quake 3. I get it that they try to revive the classic and hence why imps, mancubi, look very similar to old doom games, but I preferred the look of demons in 2016. It was more modern. Sure it's slightly different than from those in old Doom games, but I don't think going so much back to its roots is necessary.

    I think doom eternal story is going to be absolutely stunning, however game mechanics and player feeling like an actual slayer will not be like in doom 2016.

    You can already see how glory kills are much slower, rockets travel at a slightly lower speed, shotgun reload is slow, that bayonett is a joke compared to the gauss cannon. Why are there guns floating for you to grab? What is this, serious sam or halo? What happened to doom slayer finding guns in hidden places or picking them up from some dead soldier? What's with those Doom extra lives? That literally looks like Serious Sam especially with those glowy vibes around each icon. It looks too cartoonish for such a gory game where you kill demons. Now don't get me wrong, I like Serious Sam, but when I play Doom, I want to play Doom and not Serious Sam and vice versa.
    And adding a knife to a Slayer? Are you fucking serious? Do you seriously think slayer is that weak that he needs a knife when back in doom 2016 he stomped through baron's head in berserk mode or how he ripped off his horn and tore his face into shreds by just using his bare fists? What the hell happened to that? It reminds me of shadow the hedgehog being given a handgun. We all know how that game flopped.


  • I would prefer personality shown via actions. Like the time he smashed the filters, or like the time he saved Vega. Way better than some cringy dialog. I think they did that very well in the last game, hope they continue the same way in Eternal.

  • I think it’s fucking awesome that Doom Slayer is slowly getting more & more of a Personality, probably from being around the Humans so much lol. But yes, I love that Idea, but as long as they never make Doom Slayer speak.

  • I really love how you can see his face quite clearly now. I also like the sounds he's making when he gets hit. It reminds me that under the armor is a living person, not just silent killing machine. I know many people will hate me for this, but I hope we'll hear him speaking…cause…why not? In the comic he speaks like everyone else.

  • Hey midnight I have a question. You remember the doom marines 2nd codex entry and on the side it has that depiction of the doom slayer beating the hell out of some demons. Those demons kind of resemble doom 1993 and doom 2 hell knights/baron of hells. You think it is possible that we will get some kind of class of demon resembling those demons???? Be awesome to glory kill a demon like that and just green blood going everywhere😂😂

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