Bee's Knees | MORDHAU (Frontline)

Bee's Knees | MORDHAU (Frontline)

You won’t beelieve what we talk about!

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  1. What's your favourite type of soufflé?

  2. Great and powerful channel.

  3. had a K/D ration of 11 to 1.....still gets less than 500 gold

  4. You're great at the game, but your content is boring.

  5. Im french and im liking this for sure !

  6. Tips and Trixs!

  7. Can we get a Skyrim mod on this game with some magic and suits? XD

  8. What do you have keybound to left click? Just wondering if you had normal strike you can change or just left strike

  9. How do you stab immediately after parrying?

  10. Keen to have a game with you boys, finally some Aussies, ill jump in discord see ya on the battle field :)

  11. Your videos are awesome man keep up the good work!

  12. À<br />È<br />I<br />O<br />U

  13. I have a REALLY hard time believing your videos are accurate or they are setup games for your video... I feel I can do well in this game if the other team isn't just man-handling my team. People who get 40-60 kills are 90% of the time are on Horse or the other 10% on the cata/ballista (when not touched at all). Majority of the players I play against block 70% of the time, and I use your tips in fights... usually in 1v1 I can win 70% of the time... but the whole I run into a pile of guys (like you do) and block everything and hit them all every time... I have never seen it like your video unless it is a guy swinging wildly and getting VERY lucky. Most of the guys in your fights in the video are people NOT blocking AT ALL! You are not the only Youtuber I QUESTION either. Too unbelievable... never seen anyone go any higher than maybe 50-60 (and they were on a horse).

  14. Actually we don't eat much soufflés in France ... it's an old recipe.

  15. As french here is my kind of favourite type of soufflé... a badass quote :<br />British officer: “You French fight for money, while we British fight for honor.” <br />Robert Surcouf: “Sir, a man fights for what he lacks the most.”

  16. In Denmark we dont eat bee's knees buuut we do have these ants we eat the ass off so...

  17. i have two bee hives.<br />i will name each and every bee, because i love them<br />each of their names will be Trix, it's perfect

  18. How come you play against literal bots? I always get put up against level 80+ players that shit on me.

  19. Trix 55/5: not my best but its okay.<br /><br /><br />me 38/10: OMG IM DESTROYING THESE NOOBS!!!!

  20. If I ever get that many kills imma BEE screaming

  21. Can you add the buildup in these videos descriptions?

  22. Trix, how much fov do u use?

  23. At <a href="">5:28</a> did you double parry - or parry then chamber?

  24. I hate it when non-gamers ask why I'm so intense about my games. this shit is life or death if twinkletitsis666 is held down by enemy fire urmumsucme69, DaNutCracker420 and I are gonna go full black ops to back him up

  25. here i thought all the pros on the server were sweaty tryhards, but you guys are just having a conversation about how many bees knees are needed to give a soup flavour??

  26. Looks like automatic blocking sometimes...<br /><br />But i dont say you use something like that :)<br /><br />Good playstyle btw?

  27. This gameplay is so flawless holy SH+T

  28. It looks so eeaasyyyy :-D

  29. that ending lol

  30. Damn it look so easy when watching your videos ! I m struggling to get even k/d ratio and I often get 2/20 ratios. Im lvl 31.

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