Game Informer’s Ben Hanson, Andrew Reiner, Kyle Hilliard, and Leo Vader share exclusive, new impressions for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order based on their cover story trip to Respawn Entertainment. We share new details on the game’s story, gameplay, and comparisons to Metroid Prime. To learn even more about the game, check out our constantly-updating hub of exclusive features –


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  • I have a prediction about the story:
    Respawn are being super tight lipped about the story, and who Cal’s Master was. However, they did confirm that Cal’s lightsaber belongs to his old Master. If you look at the lightsaber, it looks like it’s been cut in half, and used to be a bigger hilt (possibly for a double ended lightsaber). My prediction is the final villain of the game will be some sort of Sith Inquisitor, and during the fight Cal will recognise the Inquisitor’s lightsaber as the other half to his own. We’ll then get a big reveal that his former Master survived Order 66 and is now an Inquisitor.

  • How could this game be call NEW? Mediocre gameplay, 1995 game mecs. Cmon gameinformer, inform correctly! This is all EA Ad money again. REMEMBER ANTHEM! ?

  • Saying "@ @s" bother me more than it should. In any case, this is the most fun source for video game coverage. These guys rock! On a side note, I was hoping the combat would be more akin to Unleashed, but i'm still stoked for this!

  • Big fan of the magazine and just wanted to say thank God for your guys’ coverage. I’m already seeing other folks compare this to Force Unleashed and it is driving me up the wall! I enjoyed that game, but it was a pretty run-of-the mill experience and I would hate to see hype get ruined for this very interesting-looking title because of poor, uneducated comparisons. Keep up the great work all and thanks for letting me vent!

  • The whole Metroid design and customization is very encouraging. My only grip from the gameplay is the apparent lack of dismemberment… I always sound bloodthirsty when writing this shit, but seeing actual limbs and heads flying off really adds to that visceral sense of impact from combat.

    I don't get why couldn't have that. Star Wars USED TO have dismemberment all over the place even in the prequels era. It's only Disney Star Wars logic that a lightsaber can cut a massive rock in half but only leaves burnt marks on humanoids…

  • No offense, but The Old Republic secret society thing sounded lame as hell to me, but maybe that's just me.

    If you've read "Aftermath: Life Debt", you'll know Chewie's family is real & alive & probably not doing so well.

    In "Heir to the Jedi", a Rodian Jedi's purple lightsaber was recovered, so I think Purple is a possible color. Blue, green, yellow, orange, white are all possible. I'd be surprised with black but won't rule it out.

    Boy, totally forgot about the Jedi Knight series? That series was awesome, particularly for it's time. Great force balance, imo, great lightsaber combat, imo, good puzzles, good bosses, good story, good gunplay.

  • The negative Nancy internet has been kinda meh about the gameplay reveal at E3. It was nice to hear some people that got to actually experience it discuss it in a positive manner.

  • What I like about this game is that it looks like it’s actually going to take advantage of the Star Wars license and integrate Star Wars specific mechanics into the game. What I hate most about the battlefront games is that it’s just a normal shooter with a Star Wars theme. It’s like a Spider-Man game where you only play as the cops or as low level henchmen. Yeah Battlefront multiplayer had some Jedi and Sith but their force powers were very limited and using the lightsaber felt like hitting someone with a colorful baseball bat. This game looks like it has cool mechanics that can only be used in a Star Wars game (like unique force powers and Jedi specific abilities).

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