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  • Small correction – Was too busy with excitement recording this, our droid companion is called "BD-1", i thought it sounded like "BB" lol. – What do you all think of the game?

  • Honestly thought the tree at the start was real before the tie fighter swooped in

    Edit : by real I mean someone went outside and took a video of a tree

  • To be honest, this looks like it could have potential. Lightsaber combat looks good, even by Expanded Universe standards.
    With that said, I remain sceptical. Star Wars has had a very bad track record since Disney took over. I'm just not going to expect that we'll suddenly get something on par with Jedi Knight II or The Force Unleached.
    (Warning, the following rant will contain some overly negative stuff)

    Here's some worries I have about this game:
    Biased narrative. Disney and fans in general seemingly cannot get into their mind around the fact that the Empire was not always evil and that the Jedi were not always perceived as good. This really hurts storytelling and makes the SW universe seems really shallow.
    Familiar characters and droid companion. This, at least to me, feels like it's getting old. I would much prefer something more similar to JKII and TFU in terms of characters.
    Force powers. From what we see here Force powers seems somewhat basic and I don't like that whole thing that seems to slow down time. If they're going to implement Force Stun it should be done properly. On top of this, I suspect that no dark side powers will be available.
    Speaking of the Dark Side, I very much doubt that this game will contain any choices in terms of choosing between the Light or Dark Side. This was one of the good things with older games like TFU and KotOR.
    Trooper variants. Disney has had a habit of introducing redundant Stormtrooper variant. Yes, different variants are needed for gameplay reasons, but the most recent ones have in many cases been completely nonsensical. On top of this, many of the trooper variants in older SW games were often taken from the movies, a trend that has not been continued.

  • People saying the gameplay looks clunky. I think it looks fine, especially since this is alpha footage. If the enemies do more damage in the final release, I think that will balance out you cutting down stormtroopers in one hit.

  • Combat easy,slow and Boring as fuck. Level design not open at all just linear like call of Duty.Lightsaber doesent cut enemys and looks meh at best, if they show that it must be the best they got or at least the better part of the Game Ea always does this. Fantastic really ? Like Anthem that was Awesome ? Come on why do you hype peopel its an Ea game and it looks like a bad copy of SWTFU well at least i save 60 + €. I am not saying there is no Chance that the game will be good but after that i was disappointed even though i had no expectations.

  • The phase one clone troopers may not make too much sense but im sure there was always a clone garrison on the planet because of its strategic importance

  • Sadly I have been spoiled by the Jedi Knight series. Saber fighting styles and free control over your force abilities is a must for me. This just feels too much "on rails" for me.

  • Fun fact, it looks as if the special trooper in the game first appeared in the Vader comic. With small changes to the armour. But in the comic they were leftover clones helping the inquisitors. Will be interesting to see if there one in the same

  • i'm sorry, but i just can't like this game.
    because of this whoring that went behind it from EA.
    fucking whores ruining what this game SHOULD have been.

    it looks beautifull, it looks fun to play…. but i'm just disgusted

  • From my observation it draw absolute zero inspiration from Force Unleashed as far as combat goes, both lightsaber and force usage.
    First of all lightsaber combat in TFU was combo based hack and slash, while this game is obviously Souls/Sekiro inspired.
    But honestly I like this lightsaber combat better than hack and slash since it portrays lightsaber better (in terms of realism)/
    However what I don't like is the force usage part. TFU was unique because of its force usage combining with lots of environmental objects that you can pick/throw/interact all you like.
    This game, as far as the demo and all the trailer shows, gives zero objects from the environment to use in battle, only letting you force pull/push NPCs. It only goes as far as NPCs and their blaster shots/Missiles from AT-ATs. Outside of combat is not much better either, as it only gives set-piece" Press A to push down door" interactions.

  • I’m quite impressed and the story seems interesting my friend was annoyed at some issues mainly that when the lightsaber doesn’t cut the ground like in others. But I’m amazed by this

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