Mordhau moments that are funny 5

Mordhau moments that are funny 5

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Glitz At The Ritz – Jules Gaia
Ain’t No Thing But To Swing – Jules Gaia

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Fun fact: When people dodge like they are hooked to the matrix I feel like an inferior human being.

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  1. Subscribe for more!<br />Also, yeet over to my Discord to get a chance of being in a video :0 --> <a href="">¤</a><br />Also, 100k special soon maybe, probably... look the 100k came way faster than I expected ok D: (thanks)

  2. <a href="">5:30</a> favorite part!

  3. Oh:o

  4. I love glitz at the Ritz, it's a fucking banger of a song

  5. <a href="">0:10</a> Jojo Background Music Audio Spotted

  6. <a href="">5:21</a> and that's a ban

  7. lmao the oof sound reversed<br /><br /><br />‘foo(l)’

  8. Boi <br />You deeleetee videeeeoo

  9. Did I just witnessed a pan thrust chamber ?

  10. You should have killed the undertale people

  11. I just bought mordhau and I'm still learning. How to throw a weapon??

  12. <a href="">0:33</a> when you go mordhau with your best mates. <b>"take on me" starts playing</b>

  13. "war never changes"<br />mordhau: <b>o rly?</b>

  14. its alway stabbing meta ! people try to stab with all sort of bullcrap like scythes and hammers

  15. <a href="">3:16</a> that stab shouldn't have hit the first guy, I always thought spear hitbox was bs

  16. <a href="">0:10</a> jojo reference

  17. Since robocraft ended development you should make a farewell video

  18. I just have to say that the <a href="">3:06</a> kill lined up with the climax of a spanish song i was hearing

  19. <a href="">0:37</a> wich sword is this ?

  20. Nerf axe head!!!!

  21. <a href="">0:55</a> what weapon is he using ?

  22. <a href="">5:27</a> men I die with that part ????

  23. This game suck!

  24. Bards start fighting each other<br />Random Knight: NO MORE!! Chops head off

  25. <a href="">2:01</a> это я)))

  26. Whenever I see the frying pan, I think of the tf2 noise and the Demopan

  27. <a href="">1:30</a> wasn’t the same guy ??

  28. I love how much silly shit happens in Mordhau. It's the perfect game for this type of video

  29. <a href="">04:32</a> vodka?

  30. Yooo shout out to that minecraft cosplay ???

  31. The guy on <a href="">1:29</a> isnt the same guy you killed before with a spear

  32. You share my humor

  33. <a href="">4:38</a>

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