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  • I'm getting Forced Unleashed 'light' vibes here and that's NOT a good thing. Those games do not hold up well at all.

    Here's hoping the game PLAYS better than it looks because from what we've seen this looks like a mediocre 5/10 to 6/10 experience. While I normally agree with Dark Titan in regards to choice in Star Wars….that concern will completely depend on the story being told and how much importance its given to the final product.

    As for the game itself my hype has definitely simmered. I was never going to buy it right away (that's not how I do things) but now my decision to buy at all will weigh far more heavily on its reception after the initial honeymoon post launch phase ends and people can look at the game critically and realistically as opposed to just using it as an attack against Battlefront 2 / loot box / multiplayer games.

  • Looks very similar to God of War 2018 in terms of pacing and combat style which certainly isn’t a bad thing. It’s hard to tell from this demo whether the combat is satisfying and whether the story is good – those are what will make the difference between this game being fine and it being great, so fingers crossed that Respawn have got those aspects nailed down 🤞

  • I mean it's a great trailer but I need to see more of it I want to see what different type of animals you can fight and what is truly different about this Star Wars game and any other Star Wars game we have played so even though I do love it I'm not in love with it yet because I need to to see what this game delivers in the beta and in the final product for me to make a purchase.

  • I'm not impressed. The stop time mechanic looks easy to abuse and the enemies barely but up much of a fight. Plus the level doesn't look all that interesting and non combat looks boring. The jedi knight games were way better.

  • Yeah same. This gameplay wasn’t blow my mind amazing. But it’s still pretty good.

    Also I’m glad there’s no multiplayer. Only because in a game like this, it’s not necessary.

  • Well I guess they try to show a more realistic game in terms of graphics and design this time, pretty clean. Call it minimalist, but I fell the game will be enjoyable. The fight is focusing on one enemy instead large groups, like in God of war, but easier mobs to kill.

    But I also hope they give some level of open world to this game or a really good storyline. But is funny how they manage to make a chill presentation instead of one that makes all hype about it. In my personal opinion is something good to deliver with measurable expectations and avoid get hype the audience

  • Well if you want the choice of either light or dark side, I say go back and replay Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight, and or Jedi Outcast Back when Lucasarts pumped out some great action adventure/semi rpg elements in that retrospect.

  • Personally, I love both decisions you don't like. I´d rather they focus on single player and I also enjoy linear stories, as they tend to be more consistent when dealing with themes and character arcs.

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