Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Gameplay Reveal and Developer Discussion (EA Play 2019)

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  • Thanks for the video. I like the look of the game (the main character looks a bit weird though), it seems like force unleashed 3.0 which is a good thing. I really wish we get to play as the villains

  • I feel as though the blaster fire and the lightsaber fighting is a bit slow, (also the Stormtrooper aiming and shooting is just irritating, this might just be my pet peeve) if they speed it up, its pretty awesome. The lightsaber fighting is like a dance, and that's awesome.

  • Graphics look awesome. Game play Reminds me of the force unleashed. A few things I hope they change. First the light saber seems off to me? I always preferred the look of a whitish base that fades into the blue/green/red glow. This looks more light blue to blue. I also hope they allow us to change the lightsaber color as I’m more a fan of green. This is small nitpicky stuff but I feel like it would be awesome. So far it is looking like a battlefront hero gameplay but with the force unleashed kindve slammed into it to create a decent looking baby. I wanna say I’m pumped but I’m scared that it will just end up being lazy missions with just stormtrooper killing and a boss every now and then. I really feel like they should explore the extended universe more like the SWTOR age. Imagine taking SWTOR time era and mashing it with this game. Fighting the sith and being able to play cooperative with a friend with more engaging lightsaber battles with physics borrowed but improved on from games like Jedi Knight Jedi Academy.

    I have high hopes for this game but I fear it’ll just feel like battlefront hero mode with a story line.

    The empire era is a great one but it’s becoming one that just panders to the general star wars fan rather than the mega fans who have embraced the expanded universe and found the most joy in the concepts of militarized Jedi and Sith army’s clashing. Extreme amounts of power on both sides. I’d hate to knock this game before trying it, but it just seems like it’s gonna end up being you as a random Jedi that was never mentioned in any film tearing apart storm troopers room to room to come to a beautiful cinematic scene that gets you super immersed before you have to fight some random boss, and after that a bunch of other storm troopers room to room to room followed by a beautiful cinematic and some mentions of the trilogy protagonist and antagonist. Doing that over and over again til you get to the final mission which again in order to pander to star wars geeks will feature Darth Vader whooping your ass or something and you becoming a Martyr for the rebel cause.

    I think Star Wars is a universe that can be expanded upon rather than having to stick to the trilogy story line. There are so many eras that we all want to explore. Everyone already knows what happens in the clone wars, in the rebellion, and with the first order. Give us a completely new conflict in a different time that engages us because we don’t know what is going to happen, we don’t know what the villain in the next room is. It’s not 4 storm troopers that you can cut apart in seconds. It’s 2 sith acolytes that you will engage in epic cinematic grade combat with who pose a real threat. Someone that would make you reconsider playing on “Jedi Master” difficulty.

    Physics in sword fighting based games are only getting better. Whether it be Jedi Academy, Mordhau, Chivalry Medieval Warfare. There’s so much innovation to be done and instead you are slapping us with physics we have seen time and time again.

    I’m sorry, but although I want to believe this game will be innovative. From just this point of view, I can’t help but not be that enthusiastic about the obvious route the developers are taking.

    Star Wars is becoming a cash grab brand, and I hate to see something with such a huge fan base be milked to death by people who are simply making the game because we are enjoying the movies.

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