Live Reaction | Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Gamerplay Reveal

Live Reaction | Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Gamerplay Reveal

Live Reaction | Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Gamerplay Reveal

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  1. Can't wait

  2. meme

  3. Ok

  4. Owned by Disney now remember all go be E or T rated when it comes to Star Wars so no limb chopping

  5. It looks really good, But I will be pissed if they add the damn lootboxes for anything more that cosmetics. If they do I wont be buying it. If everyone made this choice, We could make change.

  6. The force unleashed 2 had dismemberment and it was t

  7. The combat looks amazing. I hope this game is as good as it looks when it comes out.

  8. So instead of just blocking and such, now you have perfect parries and perfect dodges that you can immediately capitalize on, and the fact that most of these soldiers are just going down in one strike is definitely more accurate to what getting sliced by a saber is like. Overall, is a solid 10/10 so far.

  9. I was hoping for an FPS like Jedi Knight

  10. I wouldn't necessarily say that the Jedi here is manipulating time. I think it's more like Force Speed, where he's manipulating himself to react faster and move faster.<br /><br />Update: actually, <a href="">7:00</a> looks a lot less like time manipulation, because the trooper to the right of the screen appears to be moving at normal pace. Huh, I wonder what this strange power is. From what I can tell, maybe it's an advanced form of telekinesis that resembles the effectiveness of Dead Space's "kinesis module" that freezes things in place temporarily.

  11. 69 likes ?

  12. looks amazing but nothing new. btw a jedi would notice that android behind him. ^^

  13. Hey he is not stopping time, it is a combination of force pull and a force push.<br />Looks good, it would be great if there was a online feature so that you customize your saber and outfits.

  14. To be honest this gameplay looks pretty lame. I was hoping for something better, not sure what exactly but this didnt really impress me.

  15. My take.... it's Disney - so no "M" for mature. I also suspect Disney is why we are seeing a regular single-player game from EA. They probably told EA to back off their usual antics or they would shop the franchise to another game company after the backlash with BF II. Parts of the game play looked "unfinished" so we'll see. I already prediction the robot will wind up being the central marketing post launch

  16. They don't slow time, they stop the object/person. It's called Force Freeze, Kylo did it to Poe in the force awakens

  17. This looks good, finally a good Star Wars game

  18. EA screwed up again. What a load of rubbish. Force unleashed 3! Lmao.

  19. It seemed kind of MEH. Nothing in it seemed impressive. It would be fun to watch you play it but not sure I would buy it myself. Liked the reaction video. Hope to see more of them.

  20. I see nothing but battlefront

  21. It's the Unreal 4 Engine not the Frostbite Engine

  22. Anyone notice when he kills the first group of Storm Troopers, when the droid opens the door, the bodys disappear

  23. Damn, I was mistaken for thinking that there’d be dismemberment in this game. Upon first viewing, I thought the yellow-orange glow on the troopers indicated cauterized wounds from missing limbs. But when I rewatched and used a bigger screen, I noticed it was just cauterization marks on completely intact bodies. Disney sure hates to portray lightsabers as they are supposed to.

  24. His ability is similar to Kylo Ren’s force freeze except with objects also.

  25. I would love to see these type of reaction videos again Strain!

  26. This is pretty good star wars game but the main character is fucking lame, trash and stupid :P HAHAHAH! Terrible main character :P HAHAHAH!

  27. WRONG! Starwars was never a fucking REALISTIC game or REALISTIC movie/movies. CENTERSTRAIN :P HAHAHAHAH!

  28. Look at that sexy knee in the bottom right of the webcam! Woohoo!

  29. The music was good. Actually as I'm typing this, I'm becoming a huge fan of the music in this. The game play looks promising. But this is an EA title and I'm sure not pre-ordering.

  30. Man I wish this was rated M for dismemberment and gore.

  31. I actually would love to play a deep, well developed, open-world Star Wars game. Something like RDR2, but with Star Wars obviously.

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