Mordhau | The Sword Guide

Mordhau | The Sword Guide

Moving on to the next step in my master plan is reviewing and covering all the swords in the game currently (mostly). I plan on doing maces, axes, hammers, etc and cover all the weapons in Mordhau eventually. I hope this is helpful.

Thanks to @HiimWrex for the photoshop help.

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  1. why don't you guys use punchs and kicks in your traning. No matter how strong you become If your hands rnot fast enough to hit the target you will lose . specially to me .I am cubby teen (not that much just a little) I can throw 5 punch in each sec. and I can throw 1000 non stop punch with quick reflection enough to dose your punch. Don't be a masulebrain be smart and ferocious

  2. Hey, i make mordhau videos too<br />Yours was pretty good m9 thanks for being an inspiration. Keep it up

  3. you are missing a couple. rusty swords and the broken sword.

  4. You <i>do</i> know the alt grip on the longsword and similar weapons (holding the sword by the blade to strike with the pommel and guard) is what the game is named after, right?

  5. Cleaver -<a href="">1:50</a><br />Dagger - <a href="">2:45</a><br />Short Sword - <a href="">3:14</a><br />Arming Sword - <a href="">3:40</a><br />Falchion - <a href="">4:30</a><br />Rapier - <a href="">5:23</a><br />Bastard Sword - <a href="">6:56</a><br />Messer- <a href="">8:44</a><br />Longsword - <a href="">9:27</a><br />Estoc - <a href="">10:22</a><br />Executioners Sword <a href="">12:15</a><br />Great Sword <a href="">13:50</a><br />Zweihander - <a href="">14:53</a>

  6. It's pronounced fal-shin.

  7. Messer and Cleaver are actually historically speaking not swords but I get your point including them

  8. fun fact: the greatsword in the game is not really a greatsword, it's a bigger longsword, sometimes called a war sword

  9. It's pronounced "Zv-eye-hander". W is a V sound in German.

  10. I’m debating about making my own guide / take on mordhau weapons melee of course to help streamline play styles idk if I should though since I’m only level 76 and only have around 700~hours

  11. Damn, nice video mate! Please do a video about armors .

  12. The training sword can be used effectively against shield users because it can chamber with zero Stam cost. This means that you can just wear them out if they are turtling except you don't need to burn your stamina to do so.

  13. Tho its not the Pommel that damages, but the handguard

  14. You forgot that the executioners sword can't combo, which makes subsequent hits REALLY slow. It's biggest disadvantage IMO.

  15. So what he is trying to say about the Zweihander is that IT TRAVELS THROUGH TIME.

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