Literally everything I have to say about the Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Gameplay Trailer
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  • I liked the creativity of the design in characters and such, don't trust EA any of the slightest… but other than that it looks like a standard story based game. I find it "boring" looking so far but I feel like it will be good enough for most and the graphic will pull people in and sell it. It's not like Star Wars deserves to be better or have better expectations than any other licensed game… I just like the potential, but feel like attention is too much in the story department, not enough in gameplay.

    I would have wanted to see this expand the lore some, like a more RPG elements: develop your Jedi character… more force powers would make you more that kind of specialist, or you lean to controlling the elements with force lightening, fire, or water, maybe you use a gun and become a twin pistoled cowboy Jedi, or maybe an assassin with a sniper and short blade, or showboating gun-slinging swordsman, Maybe you excel at throwing your light saber and develop that to become like a ninja, or you rely more on power combos and rebuild your lightsaber into a claymore or use a heavy blade. Maybe you take time to study tech and build your own battle drones, maybe even modify your buddy to have your back. I know disney is tight with what is allowed from the franchise, but that would be more of what would interest me. I'd want to see something new and experience something I can't in other media like the movies. This just feels like they are giving you an interactive movie.

  • I’m glad someone else thinks it looks disappointing as well. The game seemed like it played itself, the combat seemed basic and uninteresting, and I’m fearing there won’t be much more to it then that.

    As you said, I was hoping for a bit more exploration, maybe some rpg elements, or clever mechanics such as being able to use and control the new droid to scout for example. All of this may be in the game, but judging the early gameplay footage, I was hoping I’d see more.

    I was a fan of the force unleashed games, and played them both, and enjoyed them. Idk. We’ll see I guess.

  • I actually liked the game, I just think the main character is really boring. Why cant we have another ethnicity jedi other than a white teenager be a jedi already?

  • SMH. I love most Star Wars games but from the E3 gameplay alone, I've decided I won't be buying "Fallen Order" and that's disappointing. It just looks more linear than open and I was already a little cautious about getting stuck with a main character we can't customize. I'm sorry but who wants to play as the ginger Joker? Lol just saying…

  • Thank you! Glad I'm not the only one who thinks this. Seriously not impressed with it, not to mention the lightsabre combat looks heavy and clunky

  • To be fair I doubt guys who only make FPS know how to make an open world or an RPG to begin with so they'd need to make something safe and easy. I'm still disappointed that there's no openness and the game feels scripted and rigid rather than dynamic

  • I think the game won‘t be that bad. Yes it seems really linear but that doesnt have to be a bad thing.
    If the story is good and the gameplay is aswell, it can actually help the immersion because open world games tend to have a lot of downtime while traveling.
    The game won‘t be the next skyrim where you can put in hundreds of hours but it will hopefully tell a little interesting story

  • I would have loved a game based around characters from Rouge one or the new trilogy. The new main character looks like he was taken out of a girly novel that you see at the supermarket.

  • My literal first thought was "Oh boy, yet another EA game in a big corridor. Anthem 2.0." When one of the game directors said you couldn't make moral choices to be good or evil, I noped out of it.

  • Jedi Academy & Outcast both were pretty linear also but the thing that saved it was the insane lightsaber combat. But again….this new game seems to have crappy saber combat from Force Unleashed but with a added parry button…..yay?

  • I disagree with everybody saying it's going to be a bad game I'm sorry we all have different opinions but think of there can honestly be a better jedi experience. At least it's better the force unleashed 2

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