RESPAWN are hitting some home runs at the moment. First was APEX LEGENDS and now we have Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. With about 14 minutes of gameplay made available I think this game looks like it could be a lot of fun!! (merch shop) (Live Streaming) (Twitter) (mid life-bar crisis) (Armory) (Title Sequence and Branding)



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  • I thought it looked pretty boring tbh. If it didn't have Star Wars in the name I don't think people would really care. They could surprise me but right now I'm expecting it to be like a 6/10

  • I'm curious. What needed to be presented for you (people complaining) to be excited about this game? This is a genuine question. We knew this wasn't going to be neither Jedi Knight or a FPS. I do feel like the video was super compressed and I couldn't see the graphical details as I expected. Which made the presentation feel much worse after thinking about it.

  • Sorry Az but this trailer doesn´t look good at all, it´s just another heavily scripted, linear, physics-lacking, target-locking garbage. Every kill is scripted, whereas having a lightsaber could make every kill different and amusing, if only some doll-physics and limb floating was introduced. Instead, what are we having? A few SCRIPTED mechanics/animations which will bore you to death after a couple of kills.

  • Maxis is great, can't wait for the next Sim City.
    Bioware is great, can't wait for the next Mass Effect.
    Respawn is great, can't wait for the next Star Wars game.
    X Developer is great, can't wait for the next fail.
    X Developer is great, can't wait for the next fail.
    X Developer is great, can't wait for the next fail.
    X Developer is great, can't wait for the next fail.
    X Developer is great, can't wait for the next fail.
    X Developer is great, can't wait for the next fail.

    Point made, mic dropped.

  • Looks bland but i might give it a try a month or two after release. When there is a sale. Jedi Academy still to this day has the best light saber combat of any Star Wars game period.

  • Yes it looks great, cant believe iam actually looking forward to this for now… there has been enough open world games, and i loved TFU and i was hoping this to be in the same style. Ill still be carefull about it, but my hopes are much higher.

  • It looks okey, but a few things really rub me the wrong way.

    First, when he's using the lightsaber as a light source, it's way too quite.

    Second, he slices through the midsection of a Stormtrooper, but it doesn't actually bisect him. I'm guessing there's no dismemberment. Thanks China.

    Third, Force Time Slow. What the actual fuck. How many problems in Star Wars could've been solved with this? The best part is where he slows time, but is then able to pull the Stormtrooper to him and walk the trooper into the trooper's own blaster bolt. Moving a body instantly that fast (faster than a blaster bolt) would shatter his skeleton and internal organs from the G-forces if not melt him from the friction.

    Last, the saber itself looks wrong. The part above his hands is too long, it looks really weird to me.

    All that said, still the best Star Wars game in, what, a decade? Decade-and-a-half? Not that that's saying a whole lot…

  • I mean,I know its the Alpha version and all and there are probably going to be a lot of changes so dont mark my words or anything but I wasnt all that impressed by the gameplay.

  • Looks like you're just running in a straight line doing repetitive combat. No thanks.
    Oh and I can probably spoil the ending: That kid is turning to the dark side.

  • Remember folks before you completely bastardized the game…it is supposedly alpha footage, which means things can change and be added. Of course this is EA we're talking about here so a completed project is not likely.

  • Wow the negativity in the comments and gaming in general is pretty bad, its like its cool to get on the hate bandwagon! I agree with az im an og star wars fan and the game to me looks great, and the EA thing as he mentioned multiple times its respawn developing the game, and don't get me wrong im a Fifa player so i know how bad of a company EA are and i have zero love for them its just unfortunate the greedy tw**s have the star wars license. I cant wait till the game personally and we haven't had a decent star wars game since Force unleashed which this reminded alot me of.

  • It looked realy slow and clunky, just saying… even the Jedi Outcast Series (from 2002) had combat that put you in controll of the combat in a smooth, quick and fluid fashion, in this enemies laserbolts seemed slow, and the enemies artificial and dull, and force-abilities look like poorly coreographed fight-scene moves in movies in combat.

    Jedi Outcast series probatly still has the best battle and lightsabre combat of any of them now that i do think about it.

  • Did we learn nothing from the Anthem E3 "gameplay trailer"? You know, the one that was entirely fabricated for E3??
    We can't even trust gameplay trailers when it comes to EA.

  • I’m REALLY surprised you’re oozing over this Az, they gotta put in a LOT more work and more detail before they earn our attention. And they have to earn that before they even come close to earn another penny from us again. Respawn or not, they have to prove themselves. EA simply has too dirty of a track record to where I just don’t trust them anymore. I’d argue they’re worse than Bethesda. Perhaps that’s just because I absolutely despise them after Anthem but the gameplay I’m watching here is just NOT that impressive.

  • Hypocrity fanboy masterclass here. 99% EA rants… but oh wait… it is from respawn and its staaaaar waaaaars… lets ignore that it is titanfall with star wars textures 😂

  • Force Unleashed 1 and 2 are both infinitely better looking than this game. What this trailer showcased was a trailer that could pass for the year 2000. You people watch too many magic shows, you are too infatuated with simplicity. That's why you are called simps.

  • No my boy, it looks complete shit and DOA.

    What we needed was a Jedi Academy revival, with current day tech BUT without any bullshit casual pandering, so no 1 button moves.

  • Sorry dude. I usually love your videos and your insight. But this presentation didn't hype me at all. I felt like I have seen all of it before. Done better. Your generic military base, with your generic stormtrooper enemies. Your super generic blue lightsaber with unclear cutting powert wielded by the human protagonist. I've seen all these locations, this gameplay these tropes. Ironic as it may sound, I would have much more hype if the trailer showed Jerome (forgot his name here) sitting down at a bar to play sabbacc. Cause we never had playable sabbacc. At least that would have something new. Make him an alien, give him a yellow lightsaber and a starship that doesn't rip off X-wings or the Millenium Falcon. Have him go into the Unknown regions and interract with the Chiss Ascendancy. Give him some messed up Force Power nobody had before. Anything.

  • We clearly didn't see the same demo because it looked like garbage, and thats saying something because I'm usually a Star Wars fanboy. The game play was extremely slow paced, the garphics were below average for a modern release, and the animations were a clunky mess; there was even one point where he was sliding through a narrow passage, and his hand clearly didn't even make contact with the wall. This is just another unfinished EA cash grab that people will buy into, and then realize it was a waste of money a few hours into the game. The exact kind of thing that would typically be driven 300 miles into the ground on this channel.

  • SJW always ruin fun for everyone. That goes double for what they did to Star Wars. Also Disney is just a bunch of Globalist bastards right Google?

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