1. I had a blast making this video! Hopefully you guys enjoy this different style! :D

  2. I like how they just took horsefield and dumped a fort in the middle and called it a new map.

  3. Lmao! Awesome video man. Very funny

  4. Nerf carrot

  5. This is so good! Top notch man

  6. Good LOLs bro. Nice edit also

  7. With only his carrot as his trustworthy companion, the brave warrior rode off into the sunset, looking for more souls to take.

  8. Still worse than pan

  9. I’m crying

  10. Solid brother

  11. Carrot>Every other weapon in game

  12. You didn't even kill anyone with it, for shame!

  13. You found it!!! Cant wait to be stabbed to death with a carrot...

  14. <a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KHus6kZDQ5s&t=1m37s">1:37</a> MORKOV' (carrot in Russian)!<br />Did only I hear that?

  15. So, new meta build was found. Carrot + Pavise Shield + Huntsman perk

  16. maby carrot need to heal horses?

  17. I think you need to update your best loadout video now

  18. i hate it

  19. Imagine using chrome and not firefox lmao<br />firefox gang [email protected], feels good not being monitored 24/7

  20. How is your hat not green

  21. WTF?

  22. what happens when you find the carrot? you can then make a carrot loadout and combat with it every battle of your life, am I right? this feels so good.

  23. Cleavers should cut the carrot’s range in half while parrying

  24. i was expecting the carrot to be 1 hit tbh lol

  25. more overused dead memes next time pls

  26. Toucha my spaghett, holy shit that was a good throwback haha!

  27. he protec<br />he attac<br />but most importantly he has a bunch of vitamins

  28. <a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KHus6kZDQ5s&t=0m04s">0:04</a> Me at night shifts.

  29. This carrot is everything I didn't know I wanted

  30. What's the song at the end of the video? I NEED IT

  31. Big Chungus was here.

  32. Well... at least you found the carrot.

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