Some of Link’s Awakening’s features aren’t clearly explained. As a result, you might be playing the game all wrong. But don’t worry; we’re here to clear things up.

Early on in The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, you’ll find a harried mother who’s pining after a Yoshi doll. When you pop into the Trendy Game shack, where you can play Link’s Awakening’s take on an arcade crane game, you’ll see a Yoshi plush sitting among the prizes. It’s pretty clear what happens next: you win the prize and give it to the mom. And thus, the trading quest begins.

In the trading sequence, you’ll schlep goods all over Koholint Island, bartering with needy residents until you end up with the magnifying glass, the ultimate prize. At first, this seems like an optional sidequest. It’s not. You’ll need to trade to access Kanalet Castle en route to the game’s third dungeon, and you need the magnifying glass to learn how to navigate the Wind Fish’s egg at the end of the game. Trading is also required to get the boomerang, which is very useful.

Thankfully, the trading sequence follows roughly the same path as the main campaign. If you start early, you won’t have to go too far out of your way to finish it.

Watch the video to find out how you may be playing Link’s Awakening totally wrong!

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Trick of the trade | 0:09
Pump up the volume | 0:57
It’s-a me! | 1:42
Together we’re better | 2:32
Fishing for failure | 3:11

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