Doom 4 Vanilla Video Review

Doom 4 Vanilla Video Review

Gaming Pastime reviews Doom 4 Vanilla, a mod for classic Doom.

Doom 4 Vanilla is an excellent mod inspired by Doom 2016. The gameplay feels refreshing and the presentation is phenomenal.

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  1. This review was completed before the Extra-Weapons were available. Check the Doomworld thread for the latest information and downloads. <br /> <br /><a href=""></a>

  2. D4D after so much time still is soooo ahead all other Doom 4 for Doom mods.

  3. When your pc isn't fast enough to run Doom

  4. You have to review DEATH 4 TOLD. DOOM 4 VANILLA is just a closer representation to doom 2 than doom 2016.

  5. Do you plan on making more Doom mod reviews anytime soon, try out Final Doomer, I find it both a great palate cleanser and an excelent straightforward mod that does its job perfectly.

  6. But I don't want Doom! Don't you have anything that doesn't have Doom in it? Doom Doom Doom Doom Doom Doom Doom Doom Sausage and Doom! Eggs and Doom!

  7. Would really like to see you do a video on Thief 2, you can mod it for widescreen and HD textures and it's an amazing game that was a pioneer of the stealth the genre.

  8. texture filtering, are you serious???

  9. this is fascinating

  10. ill release soon a demo of my mod, i hope you can give a review of it after i release it<br />you can view an alpha version demo in my channel for what im talking about<br />i already update it in many ways but im still in wip

  11. First Doom changed games completely.<br />Try to imagine what should happen if This version od Doom have been released in 1993

  12. Wow we have lots of DOOM at home,DOOM 4 vanilla,project brutality 3.0,RooM,ROOM ETERNAL and lot more

  13. I have Chocolate DooM on vita. This should work right?

  14. So does that mean enemies r more powerful than ur weapons coz they got modified but weapons didn't

  15. I wonder are devs gonna port doom 2016 to id tech 7 ( doom eternal) ?

  16. If anyone's wondering, Doom4Vanilla uses Doom4Doom's sprites. Playing D4D is like playing doom4 on the old engine.

  17. He said the same things in this video 6 times

  18. You might want to try D4D mod for GZDoom... Almost all features of doom 2016 has been neatly incorporated (glory kills, weapon upgrades, monster abilities and many more

  19. Surely I'm not the only one getting <b>serious</b> "Chex Quest" vibes from the art style.

  20. They could have done better on call of doom I agree.

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