Today we take a look at a new Fl4k, rakk attack build in Borderlands 3. This uses fl4k’s new mayhem 4 legendary class mod and new anointed effects to make his rakks do maximum damage. This build is very good for all solo mayhem 4 content and pretty good for soloing the Maliwan raid on mayhem 4. It’s also very good at farming all the new legendary items in mayhem 4.
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  • If you need some extra healing you can change one of the rakk attack augments to the one that heals you when hitting enemies with rakk attack, you will lose a little bit of damage, but gain some decent healing.

  • Step on up. Our warehouse is overstocked. Were giving away cutsmans, lyuaddas, linage, infinity, duc, AAA. Unforgiven, hellshock, jackhammers, rippers. Koos, rowans, gatlins, dictators, brainstormers, ect.

  • I did play around today with this new element anointments which u can get on everything guns,.grenades, shields and the elements stacks on rack attack for example grenade with fire element anointment plus shield with the same it gives u higher fire we can play around with those elemental buffs and it's great.Jackobs guns becomes even triple element guns.Flak become as Amara an elemental crit machine. I managed to have for rakattacks combined with three or even 4 element on them,the same is with all guns. It's such a great fun wich gives us so much game diversification.

  • Frenzy is alot better then furious attack but its a wayyy more expensive investment. I hope they increase the level cap eventually to get both

  • I just made a similar build earlier today, instead of elemental bonus annointments my shield is stop gap with terror annointment for 25% heal on skill end and I run an EP victory rush and firestorm nade with fire annoint. Add a Maggie with the Rakk damage and you’re well set. I put more points into Rakk tree over fade away because I forgot power inside existed so tomorrow a few changes and it’ll be even better

  • Fyi im 100% certain head count is buggy
    If i would get a charge rakks and head count proccs it skips the charge and the cd starts from the beginning
    9:15 right there
    So headcount is (atm) wasted imo, just go for cdr on com/artifact

  • Hey I've been playing around with you're fl4k respec glitch. I found out you can pretty much walk through the takedown with just a Rowan's call and a acid lucian call. It would be cool to see a video of that, from someone better than me.

  • Man that build looks nice it's just sucky it falls behind stalker and bounty hunter because how amazing those are even feel like it falls behind gamma burst especially when we get guardian skills back

  • Thanks just started a flakk power level to level 50 eager to try the new class mod especially before they raise the level cap I suspect early next month when they release the first DLC although I hope they don't do it this way because the take down just came out People would be super pissed if they spent all this time playing it only for them to raise the level cap a few weeks later making all the gear useless

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