1. Pryvjet kat

  2. First

  3. Quick cat

  4. Fourth Pog

  5. When your face has more hair than your head. Kappa

  6. Wtf happened to "Daily dose of Asmongold"?

  7. Like a true rogue

  8. Keep doing gods work CatDany

  9. The chills voice made me lose it ???

  10. Was waiting for this since yesterday

  11. <b>professional video watcher Asmongold</b>

  12. Dude acts like he didn’t bring the “spergery” to his server. People who are spergs like you bc you ARE one yourself.

  13. I actually waited for asmon to react to watch the video. Lmao


  15. thanks for the love and support guys <3


  17. YAY! I'm Tabbycat! I'm famous! lmao

  18. didnt this guy do some shady youtube mafia shit?

  19. CatDany you get a raid marker on your head for this one

  20. it bad that when i watched this on barnys channel I already could see asmons chat

  21. Asmongold Raid Is DESTROYED from classic wow bye bye

  22. By fire be PURGED!

  23. <a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=knM9HtTo1-s&t=15m28s">15:28</a> is that the Burger King Foot lettuce guy?

  24. I am a flameguard, a fallen shaman sworn into service to The Firelord Ragnaros<br />EH HEM!!!<br />BY FIRE BE PURGED!!!<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />I'm dying from cancer

  25. henesys hunting ground!

  26. Lol at MadSeason being SpongeBob

  27. <a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=knM9HtTo1-s&t=14m14s">14:14</a> that was way more epic that it should've been XD

  28. Loved that "Ya'll roleplaying or some dumb shit" ha ha

  29. Sonic adventure music. Nice.

  30. Oh shit this is grobbulus? I'm on ally grobbulus lol

  31. I'm still shook that Chills was in his video

  32. I don't play this shit, but i get the humor

  33. Unless you have actually life skills like an electrician then I know you sit down and waste away in comfort. Contemplate your life.

  34. Wtf is that maxmoefoe?!<br />Wth ONE of them are chad aswell?!

  35. UberDanger voice acting as one of the players eating barny how ever the 2 billion IQ was him referencing lord of the rings respect "meats back on the menu boys"

  36. Maxmoefoe!!!

  37. RP grubb

  38. I don't understand what he means by saying they all made Uberdanger mad. Would someone be kind enough to explain?

  39. Asmon couldn't actually watch Barney64 or Uberdanger's videos on stream lol. But I really hope he does off stream

  40. The girls aren't good voice actors ?

  41. No one:<br /><br /><br />TheChief1114: <b>I cannot wait to cannibalize this elf.</b>

  42. barny's wow videos are so funny it makes me want to play wow again

  43. <a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qgvYbl4OzEI">https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qgvYbl4OzEI</a>

  44. Who was that doing the voice for the "spongbob"-custome? I have seen him before but i cant place it right now!

  45. Alliance in Darnassus was so nice

  46. ???

  47. Treeaunt

  48. dude's name keyori from lol time who remembers

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