Borderlands 3 | Rakk Attack FL4K Build (Shreds Mayhem 4!)

Rakk attack FL4K shreds mayhem 4! Thanks UniqueDuck for the build concept. If you enjoyed, then be sure to leave a “Like” and subscribe!

UniqueDuck’s Build


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  1. Quick correction. I said that enemies take 100% more damage from all sources if you tag an enemy with the rakk attack anoint. That isn't true. It only applies to the gun damage. I mixed that up with the new debuff weapons.

  2. Picked up Kybs worth from the raid.. a healing aura mid combat is so useful ?


  4. I downloaded that save file but this build doesnt seem to be performing anywhere close to as strong as in the video :/

  5. I wish he would put a save file for his Flakk

  6. Does anyone know the eridium cap in borderlands 3?

  7. Gearbox please give us grinder so we can at least have a chance for good anointments. If that does not happen you might never get the gun you are looking for for the whole life. That is really stupid.<br />I have got about 30 Maggies and none of them have actually meaningful annointment. They should either make all annointments good or just give way to craft the weapons.

  8. GB: this anointment was not working as intended, will nerf in next patch

  9. Other annoits you should look out for, things that provide splash damage, damage bonuses when grenade is thrown. Keep in mind that area of effect damage and incendiary damage increases DO buff the rakk attack damage. This is just some advise to still make this work if you can't get those EXACT anointments.

  10. @Joltzdude139 I'm almost 100% positive it applies to grenades and allies weapons as well. There's no way my Maggie can one clip Valkyries but with friends I can only manage one clip before they're immune again. It seems to work like Amaras "Laid Bare" skill where if she phasegraps a target all damage taken by that target is increased by 25%. A real problem with testing is that the target dummy in sanc doesn't proc the rakk damage anointment. You need real enemies for that.

  11. Could you do a legendary weapon guide on the epicenter grenade? I have no idea where to find it

  12. It doesnt shred the shaft nor the raid sorry, Amara is still a goddess for mh4.

  13. Whats the best way to farm for all of these weapons and shields on console?

  14. I'm trying to farm for this mod on the trial of cunning boss.... 7 hours so far and nothing. My soul dies a little on each attempt

  15. Hey Joltz. I've been looking up how to get that Anubis head for fl4k. Is it a reward in the bloody harvest or is it a world drop?

  16. The borderlands 3 ending lilith is no dead because there is hints in the credits tannis having a scene with her trying to find lilith but one thing is over look is the song that is playing "this girl is on fire" that song is about someone in a position where there going to die but eventually getting out and surviving so if you think about she is not dead

  17. Rakkcelerate doesn't increase cool down TIME, it increases cool down RATE meaning the augment has no downside.

  18. New build for sure

  19. how i can take thus head for flak?

  20. If anyone want's to send me a R4kk P4k on ps4 @TactiGhoul i would love you long time.

  21. Just got into my first playthrough will 100% use this build

  22. Its pretty crazy how good all 3 of Fl4K's action skills actually are now after how much people abused fade away early on. Gonna have to work on this build after using almost nothing but amara since mayhem 4 came out, but the tink of cunning farm is so long :(

  23. Where did you get that head skin?

  24. Gearbox is taking notes on what to nerf while watching this video.

  25. Is there a typo in the description of Grim harvest? It says “Fl4’s pet gains increased damage.” Should it say Fl4k?

  26. This is just insanity on another level. Quick question though, are class mods still a world drop or do they have a dedicated drop source???

  27. Missed out on calling it Fl4khive

  28. I just wanna know when we can get that head skin.

  29. Cool do moze next pls?

  30. I want to know how to get that head please tell me

  31. Can i download the game save joltz

  32. I don't know, i don't like nexusmods, and this day i get reminded why...<br />"Pls reactivate ur account" "bad gateway" "re-captcha submit button expires, however thats fuckin possible" "Error 105 u have been temporarily banned"<br />That's how it went down for me every single time I try to get something from that page. I'm so mad.

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