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  • How often do you actually spam with 9? You arent worried about mana in fights? I get in world pvp its easy af to sneak away and drink but in duels and BGs is this usable?

  • I really like the ingenuity and the suggestion, buuuut…
    If you think about when you spam Moonfire, it's usually a couple casts to get the target down ASAP – particularly in wPvP honor farming you use it to get as much dps on the target in a short time before they get killed by others and you maximize your share of the honor. Now, Moonfire DoT ticks every 3 seconds. With Moonfire at every GCD, you get 1 tick of the DoT if you spam 3-5 Moonfires, and a 2nd tick if you spam 6-8 Moonfires. If you do the math the damage is basically ~645 with this downrank method on 3 casts and ~615 with just R10 spam. A tiny difference before considering the crit portion of Moonfire – which is significant with Balance talents, and I'm sure spamming R10 is the better option with Balance talents on anything less than 6 spams *on the same target*. But when are you ever spamming Moonfire on the target 6 or more times in a row? I think the mana difference here (50 per cast) is not too significant esp with your gear (which mostly matches my gear) and a mana pool that large – often getting damage out FAST (and getting big lucky crits) is more important. Thanks for the video though!

  • This is a great tip, but one thing I have noticed is that the moonfire DoT typically gets dispelled if there is a priest or pally in the enemy group. Spamming rank 10 moonfire seems to be working for me so far.

  • I’m confused about the reasoning behind this video, and I think some of the viewers are as well given what I’ve seen in the comments. Will the dot not tick if you spam r10? Or is the only reason to use r9 to conserve mana… which is not really something you ever think about doing in pvp unless you’re 1v1’ing or trying to maximize your honor in that world pvp Zerg v Zerg shenanigans that you were demonstrating in the video (in which case just use rank 1 to tap more people if we wanna really go that far). Idk maybe I missed something…

  • You say it scales well with spellpower, but that would be wrong – would it not?. The burst and the dot itself has a spellpower coefficent a bit over 12% each. No way that is considerer "scaling well".

  • Just make it a /castsequence that resets on target change or after a short delay. Change the reset=2 to whatever amount of seconds suits your liking.

    /castsequence reset=2/target Moonfire,Moonfire(Rank 9),Moonfire(Rank 9),Moonfire(Rank 9),Moonfire(Rank 9)

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