How HORDE IQ Works | WoW Classic: Funniest Moments (Ep.20)

How HORDE IQ Works | WoW Classic: Funniest Moments (Ep.20)

Horde chasing down 1 lady dwarf. Seems like an easy target. Enjoy this WoW Classic: Funniest Moments (Ep. 20). Become a Patreon to support Gorthax:

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Players Featured in this World of Warcraft Episode:

00:02 M3dge –
00:28 Alostic –
00:59 Asmongold –
01:13, 08:13 Pshero –
01:41 Choy_twitch –
02:04, 04:42, 10:49, 13:05 Payo –
02:55 CodyMueller –
03:52 Dad_dota –
04:56 Danger –
05:44 DaveTheOne –
05:56 Elxokas –
06:11 Esfand –
06:58 Hassone –
07:19 Kalach –
07:41 StaySafeTV –
08:55 Slickfoo –
09:20 Moo_uk –
10:21 Nuxxy –
11:49 Prefoxfox –
12:31 Swifty –

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  1. To get featured, submit here ► <a href=""></a><br />Players Featured: <br /><a href="">00:02</a> M3dge - <a href=""> </a><br /><a href="">00:28</a> Alostic - <a href=""> </a><br /><a href="">00:59</a> Asmongold - <a href=""> </a><br /><a href="">01:13</a>, <a href="">08:13</a> Pshero - <a href=""> </a><br /><a href="">01:41</a> Choy_twitch - <a href=""> </a><br /><a href="">02:04</a>, <a href="">04:42</a>, <a href="">10:49</a>, <a href="">13:05</a> Payo - <a href=""></a> <br /><a href="">02:55</a> CodyMueller - <a href=""> </a><br /><a href="">03:52</a> Dad_dota - <a href=""> </a><br /><a href="">04:56</a> Danger - <a href=""> </a><br /><a href="">05:44</a> DaveTheOne - <a href=""> </a><br /><a href="">05:56</a> Elxokas - <a href=""> </a><br /><a href="">06:11</a> Esfand - <a href=""> </a><br /><a href="">06:58</a> Hassone - <a href=""> </a><br /><a href="">07:19</a> Kalach - <a href=""> </a><br /><a href="">07:41</a> StaySafeTV - <a href=""> </a><br /><a href="">08:55</a> Slickfoo - <a href=""> </a><br /><a href="">09:20</a> Moo_uk - <a href=""> </a><br /><a href="">10:21</a> Nuxxy - <a href=""> </a><br /><a href="">11:49</a> Prefoxfox - <a href=""> </a><br /><a href="">12:31</a> Swifty - <a href=""></a>

  2. Awesome !!

  3. Aww man I wanted to see the ending of Payo vs Brucewayner. That shit was legendary

  4. Mangouse Bite a MAGE<br /><br /><br />IMPROBABLE<br />IMPOSSIBLE<br />FCKNPAYO

  5. Премьеры - дерьмо братан, просмотры падают, поверь, статистически доказано

  6. editing becomes better and better :)

  7. Payo is laughing like a female gnome.

  8. song name <a href="">9:50</a> ?

  9. this classic has fucking no sens . where my vanilla ...

  10. i finnaly made it on gorthax!

  11. What the name of the last song?

  12. *Mage try to f*ck Payo<br />Payo: oh, ah, uh, ah, oh

  13. I only died because I was afk, I spilt coffee on my keyboard, my homework ate my cat and my house crashed into a lorry. Otherwise I would have owned that rogue 1v1. I swear on me life.

  14. <a href="">11:01</a> wtf???

  15. Лайк за Калачика!

  16. nothing got nerfed lmfao its classic stfu casual plebs

  17. So early again.

  18. Why is it only the shitty streamers that use that illegal "spy" addon

  19. <a href="">7:02</a> made me laugh so hard, I wonder if people know about emote canceling. Spamming two sound emotes one after another back to back is some of the best fun in WoW. /train /laugh /train

  20. <a href="">5:56</a> grande xokas

  21. Thanks for the upload, appreciate it <3

  22. goblin sapper charge +1<br />alliance +0<br />horde -1

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