Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Outfits & Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Mods. Maybe Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order DLC Later on?
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  • It sucks how the developer is.
    He doesn't understand how ng+ is supposed to break the story, and you earn it for beating the game so it's a reward for players to go have some fun. But he doesn't understand that

  • I feel like Karl should be wearing additional layers on some planets coughilumcough I mean, if he froze to death in those outfits I wouldn't even bat an eye.

  • You know what’s nuts ..EA and all other big company’s make their multiplayer games maps large with a lot of content yet when it comes to single player games it’s small

  • It’d would’ve been pretty cool if you could’ve gotten a temple Guard variation of inquisitor armor, that way it still makes sense you’d wear it since it isn’t a full on dark side appearance….

    It’d still be cool to wield a Red blade, as possible DLC or in the Sequel as long as we’d get it I’ll be happy.

  • literally the only disappointing things about the game are

    no new game plus where you can take your customized lightsaber and lack of different outfits (along with better cloth physics for the capes/ ponchos)

    please give us these outfits respawn and please make the cloth of the outfits and ponchos better

  • It seems the present Disney trend is to move away from a absolute 'light' and 'dark' side and the monastic abstain-from-everything sort of monk type warriors on either side and to trend towards slightly alternative views of what it is to be Jedi, like a potential romance between Jedi and non-Jedi or more untraditional views of the Force (i.e. Magicka) or even different and new roles, like how Cal is more alike to an archaeologist than a full-fledged fighter. I could imagine Cal continuing the story towards more ancient civ/relic/artefacts like an inverse Indiana Jones protecting them, or struggling between using them for 'good' or protecting them from the Empire, like he was confused in the early bits when he opened certain tombs here and there. I would imagine the Valley of the the Dark Lords on Korriban would almost make a perfect centerpiece, as well as the Masassi Temples, and then some throwback to Rakatan type things mixed with something new.

  • I feel they should’ve made the inquisitor outfit to be unlock able, I guess the canon argument is valid, but Ezra in star wars Rebels wore storm trooper armor and many other outfits to go undercover, & sometimes he wore it just to wear it (with a little artistic twist). I don’t see why Cal couldn’t do the same. ??‍♂️

  • Personally, I don't really count recolors as different outfits, especially in this case where the outfits themselves are close to the same color. Like the starting outfit and the Outlaw one look almost alike in tone, with Outlaw being black looks pretty good with a green lightsaber, as if he was Luke with a different style of clothes on.

    The Ponchos though… they have to either go away, or be ONE option with possible recolors. I cannot stand him having it on, and everyone else I know or have seen play it hates it as well. To me, it reminds me of a nerdy white, tourist guy in Mexico trying to blend in, speaking Peggy Hill level of Spanish.

    They REALLY need to add the Inquisitor outfit and red crystal into the game as options, as a reward for beating the game. Since we have experienced the story as they wanted it (with them claiming they didn't give a red color as an option because it would be against canon), why not give us those things as rewards for all future playthroughs? Hell, let us keep all lightsaber parts as well and replace what's in the crates with bonus exp! Since we had already found them, why make us go through it again, ESPECIALLY since a good number of them can't be unlocked until near the end of the game, like the lightsabers colors.

    Seriously, WHY did they make it where you can only change your lightsaber color near the VERY end of the game!? We are stuck with blue or green (and orange if some preordered) the entire game! That is the main thing fans want to customize and change, and is the most noticeable thing about the weapon! At least unlock all the colors in future playthroughs after beating the game once…

    Just not through completing the maps 100%. I've heard that its kind of glitched with that sort of thing, and I don't want to run through the entire planet looking for that one tiny spot I didn't step on to get from 99 to 100%. The planets are already like huge mazes as it is. >.>

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