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Credit: u/lzap

I’ve spotted product number (PN) PS719344100 and barcode (EAN) number 711719344100 with item entitled “Minecraft Bedrock PS4” across many e-shops across Czech Republic and Hungary as well as (Czech company operating in UK). Release dates varies, all of the shops have either December 3rd or December 12th or not known

Some e-shops says it’s boxed versions, some it’s electronic license. Some e-shops did put old (PS4) version cover, some used blank stub and there is one (JRC) which made edits to XBox version adding PS4 on top of it (a fake box). Apparently they were not given official cover or graphics, but someone probably received GO from the publisher for that region. They all know that many people are waiting for this and the race for preorders has started there.
I was able to complete preorders both on and Let’s see. The release date on both e-shops is set to December 3rd, Playstation 25th birdthday 🙂 I can confirm that all the four Czech e-shops are legit, I’ve used all of them multiple times and I use regularly. Also JRC is shop with games similar to “Gamestop” so that’s a sign that something is showing up. Maybe not on 3rd of December, but probably it’s happening.

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