I’m building Minecraft mansions with my friends in HoaxMC!
? Come play on my server! – play.hoaxmc.com
? MERCHANDISE – https://teespring.com/stores/slogoman

KWEBBELKOP – https://youtu.be/Et8FzZdW5yk
JELLY – https://youtu.be/LHAnmQlFeKg

? Crainer: https://www.youtube.com/user/MisterCrainer

?️ MY CAPTURE CARD – http://e.lga.to/slogo

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✔️ This video is kid friendly / family friendly!



  1. Dont troll jelly slogo ir else i wont subs ok slogo

  2. Jelly has a in chanting table in his basement and he knows we're your chest is so hide it somewhere else so he can't take your diamonds

  3. Burn there house that wuold be halirrious ??????

  4. Josh there is a mine shaft near your base and i found DIAMONDS in it!

  5. Jelly stole it

  6. Slogoman is best house???

  7. Slogoman is best house???

  8. You should put a block that can’t burn around lava and then they will break it and the is going to start burning

  9. I can’t go on the world

  10. You can steel from them anything. Because they steeled from you.

  11. The trapdoor is a safe with your stuff ??????

  12. Jelly’s House is dumb

  13. I youesed code slogo also jelly is poo u subscribed

  14. Burn jelly house because he stole it

  15. The sun is a medium star

  16. Part two

  17. You have the best house Sluggo man or Josh

  18. hi

  19. Build tunnels connecting their houses so they think that it's each other, secretly team up with both of them and carry on doing different trolls nd blaming it on the other person

  20. I forgot to say it’s a queen you have the best house but you have a better house Sluggo man or Josh

  21. Make a diamond store but under it put cob webs under the cob webs put fire under the fire put lava

  22. Forgot to say to that you have the worst house ever writes logo man or whatever your name is is I think a new member your name your name is John

  23. I mean not John Josh sorry

  24. I mean I’m wrong Jerry’s house is amazing but you have a better house but in the picture of the video Johnny’s house was Jorge Bluetooth us slow go man

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