Borderlands 3 MOST OP FL4K BUILD! BEST Boss Killing Build! HIGHEST DAMAGE! Mayhem 4! After Patch!

Today we take a look at one of the best boss killing builds in Borderlands 3. This Fl4k build allows you to easily farm any boss on mayhem 4 as fast or faster than any other build in the entire game. This allows you to farm all of the dedicated legendary items and anointed drops you need to make the OP builds.
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  1. This is a classic Fl4k build, but still one of the strongest builds for purely farming bosses. You can burst down pretty much any boss without immunity phases, in one fade away.

  2. Nice build for sure one of the good boss killers

  3. gonna need some boss build for the other characters

  4. Rak attack build is still the best I can do the same thing ??‍♂️

  5. Red tree is higher damage, you also get stronger mobbing capability using a fire rowans call with a jakobs weap crit class mod, applies to both kings call and rowans, weap and jakobs crit and you can run any content any difficulty

  6. How do you find out about this stuff dude. It's like an exam figuring out these numbers and stacks bonuses etc. This stuff can be fun but overall playing story and side missions is good enough. This is maybe endgame fun.

  7. Nice video

  8. I need that mod :( im trying so bad to get one...if somebody want to trade or dup my id is yoshi145937 i play on ps4

  9. Would rather you not mention the beastmaster anoint but anyway, was a good secret, great to proc terror stuff.

  10. I don’t quite get it do you need that extra rakk anointment??? Or just a king or queens call??

  11. What skin is that? The glow effect looks really slick


  13. still broken...

  14. can u imagine this build with the new flak mod of the upcoming dlc on dear increase damage every critical hit

  15. Im looking for that class mod and anointed weapon on xbox one. If anyone is willing to give this stuff id much appreciate it my tag is cookie reloaded

  16. Can i use the bangarang xl and long musket

  17. How did you apply that fire to yourself using king's call? I did tapping my feet nothing happens

  18. Holy crap this is no joke. I’m burning graveward on Mayhem 4 Thanks!

  19. Awesome videos man

  20. I'm still looking for the melee roid roughrider shield if anyone can help. If you have an extra or can dupe one I'd appreciate it. Ps4 Scarecrow048. Just looking to finally beat the takedown.

  21. Don't say you don't need the elemental projector relic for this build when your opening showcase shows you using it.

  22. People please don’t play this filthy satanic useless trash garbage: <br /><br />The front picture of the ps4 box game blasphemes Jesus. You’re seeing on the picture this zombie like soldier mercenary is pointing up 3 fingers, has a grenade as a heart in the middle (blasphemy of Holy Spirit) and around his head a “halo”, this picture represents Jesus but in a blaspheming satanic way, because on the Jesus icons you see Jesus also with a Halo and He points up the 3 fingers (Holy Trinity) and you see the Holy Spirit (heart on the chest)<br /><br />and then we have people and kids happily buy this “game” and play it shamelessly without being aware of it. Lord Jesus save us from this madness this is really insane,. Inbe4 mad anti-christian comments, I know I will get them , please, this is seriously messed up wake up and don’t support this filthy satanic trash.

  23. And this is why nerfs and so called balance is bad for borderlands games. Could you imagine farming for a specific pc of gear and going in on mayhem 4 to fight graveward with a non op 5 plus minutes and still dont get what you need for's why nerfs are bad to all those morons who support gearbox and the attempt to balance a game that CANT be balanced. There will always be weapons and gear that's above the rest. Otherwise you'd be playing a game with all equal stats on everything. Smh

  24. I can’t wait for a nerf

  25. Where can I farm kings/queens call?

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