BORDERLANDS 3 ULTIMATE MOZE GUN | ALCHEMIST Legendary Weapons Guide (Farm + Drop Location)

Welcome back to another Borderlands 3 video! Today we are back with another Legendary weapons guide and the item today is the alchemist! This weapon is absolutely amazing especially for moze and mayhem 4! Also the farm and drop location!

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  1. He literally isn’t dropping anything for me.<br /><br />Edit: I’ve been farming for almost 2 hours and it hasn’t dropped even once. He has only dropped 3 items (2 of which were blue rarity)....

  2. Unbelievable. I got this weapon randomly at level 40 and had no idea it did shock damage to enemies and myself. I sold it not too long ago lol

  3. what was the name of that pistol u where using i have like 5 of them but what is it called

  4. Got mine from Sylvestro just before getting a driver class mod.

  5. No Alchemist. Just the Bear cat

  6. Don't you need the explosive woman tree to make this weapon more effective? Cause I have two non anointed and they aren't that great imo

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