METRO EXODUS Sam’s Story All Endings (Good Ending & Bad Ending)


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The second major expansion for Metro Exodus, Sam’s Story, follows former US Marine turned Spartan Ranger Sam on his quest to return home. After the events of Metro Exodus, Sam’s long-held dream of returning to his homeland doesn’t seem so far-fetched anymore. Traverse the remains of Vladivostok’s tsunami ravaged harbours, ruined industrial buildings and crumbling residential districts in a huge, ‘sandbox survival’ level. To complete his journey, Sam will discover that he needs every tactic he has learned so far to survive, as his surroundings prove to be far trickier than expected. The journey ends here. Metro Exodus Sam’s Story is available to buy now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC and Stadia and is included in the Metro Exodus Expansion Pass.

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  • The missile on the submarine won't be operational because they haven't bean properly maintained and repaired for year since the war. Especially the Mayflower which based on the Typhoon class Submarine.The main weapon of the Typhoon is the R-39 Rif SLBM,which has been retired for it short service life.

  • I found this DLC quite a difficult grind to get through so I chose to go home, no way I went through all that to have Sam freezing his ass off on that riverbank no closer to his goal.

  • I feel like continuing off the 1st ending it would be really great for a "metro" game but just a different title. Im curious how america changed after the bombs

  • Why even get involved with the sub in the first place, though? Fuel is less dense than water, so it'd be no problem building a boat with a long enough range to make it to the West Coast without being nuclear powered.

    Alternatively, he wouldn't have even needed an engine or fuel. The prevailing winds in the North Pacific blow from east to west. He could have crossed the old fashioned way with nothing more than a sail. It'd probably take a few months, but it's been done before.

  • Chances his dad is not dead are very close to zero. Chances that Russian submarine team will continue to accept orders of an American businessman are close to zero. So the probability of Sam meeting his dad IS zero. Though destroying a working submarine in an apocalyptic world is a crime.

  • I don' know about that "bad" ending, it seemed rather stupid to me. It sure was a nice gesture of Sam to do that to the rest of humanity, but no one can say for sure how much people are still out there. How would Tom find anyone? How will he get more people to join his crew? Sam is all alone, and if he blows up the sub he loses his only two friends, Ed and Tom. If he leaves it, Tom is still alive for sure, and he is a better sub commander than Klim. Sam potentially is Tom's new right hand man at this point, and has major influence as well as trust in the direction Tom's gang goes. If he destroys the sub, he is stuck in Vladivostok. The port area is secure for the time being, but what if it gets overrun by the bandits in the area once they see the sub with most of Tom's men, weapons, and ammo leave? Everything hinges on that sub, and in this kind of world, I'd say it's better to have it and go home than not have it at all. hell, Tom probably wants to go home too. Hopefully the crew put away any anti-American sentiments they had from the war as they arrived in San Francisco. Twas a good dlc. I always liked Sam, and I think this was a good story of his to tell.

  • I mean Tom sounds pretty cool tbh. And that sub might be the only fucking possible transportation that can connect USA and Russia. Or maybe any where on earth. It is too much waste of everything to destroy it. And who knows? Tom might actually be able to build something similar to the nation.

  • More like bad and good endings in order. Depends on your perspective and your own selfishness. One less nuke, one less threat. If he missed his dad he shouldn't have been in Russia to begin with and does he know his father is alive? A ticket home? To what…..

  • Ending glitched on me. I had zero choice and was forced to spare the sub. I can’t imagine doing a second 100% good playthrough only to get fucked again.

  • I hope they make the next Metro and continuing Sam’s story. I love his character and Destroy or go home could be based for the next game. But I would rather have destroy over go home as a based story cause he’s still in Russia.

  • Sam going to America is the good ending. That sub has a nuclear reactor. It can power cities, machines, light, anything from the old world. With Sam keeping Tom in check, they could build a new society that can actually thrive instead of just survive. Something like that could bring humanity back from the brink

  • what im confused about is if the sub is leaving moscow then why did they end up in in San Fran? I have never played Metro so i am not sure if thats where Sams home was but New York or Boston would be a much easier route and also quicker

  • Ok thats kinda dump, Tom was not the best dude on the world but he looked like smart leader who would use nukes as a leverage not a weapon. Klim did all the bad shit and tom was ok with getting rid of him and as "bad" ending shows us Tom is man of his word and Sam gets ticket home and captain is good guy but he seems paranoid and does dumb shit like locking people in sub after Klim aka the dude who did all the bad shit was killed.

  • i just finnished, damn i feel silly for looting all those dead guys at the end lol. Anyhoo, i opt'd to destroy the sub . came here to watch what happens if you go flag.

  • getting to America is the bad ending actually. thinking of your self. . . a selfish ending. the good ending is destroying that nuclear weapon and finding another way. He said so, he won't give up.

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